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Budapest for AJ

July 24, 2014 - Updated: January 19, 2015


July 16-21, 2014

AJ on the way to Hungary - you                                        Walking with one cane in Peto  Institute during           Pig Ragout Soup with Dumplings. The soups here                              

can see he's pretty excited!                                               his assessement on July 18th                                       are outstanding!    


 Stairs in Metro - the subways are old but extremely     Ascending the stairs with Daddy

efficient and beautiful. 


 Outside Historic Szechenyi Subway station                 Entrance to the Thermal Bath - stunning                      Inside the Baths - comprised of over 14 outdoor and

                                                                                               architecture - this buiding is a marvel located             and indoor baths, whirlpools and several saunas -

                                                                                               in the centre of the city, at Heroes Square                      really incredible public facility.


Another shot of Szechenyi Baths - must see                MJ and Alexander in one of the Baths - this                  The column directly behind MJ/AJ is caked     

if you ever get to Budapest.                                               bath was 91 degrees and was also a                          with Mineral deposits - the streams coming   

                                                                                                mineral bath - very relaxing.                                            out of the column act as a massage.                


 You can see how expansive this structure is              Behind this bird is a cold water lap pool.

it's like swimming in the courtyard of an 18th              Hungarians are very serious about swimming

century Palace.                                                                   it dominates the culture like Cdn hockey culture.


This is inside Szechenyi - this is a thermal whirlpool with minerals - they turned it off because the place was closing  

  Subway shot - this kid was tired!                                   Budapest is clean, safe and very beautiful

                                                                                                the end of the street is the Danube - the Green

                                                                                                you see in the distance is the other bank of the Danube - the

                                                                                                Buda side where we are staying.  The Pest side is more lively

Hungarian restaurants specialize in some of the best duck dishes including duck liver pate with cherry and pesto on the far left and duck breast with cottage cheese dumplings on the far right.  We went to a highly recommended restaraunt called Gepard Es Urhhajo on the bank of the Danube - literally translated it means The Cheetah and the Rocket - it was superb I had the lamb (best ever) and Aj had Asparagus Risotto - Hungarian cuisine is superb!

This next series of pictures is from another bath house called Lukacs.  There are over 300 Thermal Bath houses in Hungary - more than anywhere else in contintental Europe.  Hungary was ruled by the Ottoman Turks for over 150 years and the Turkish influence is still very much evident today.  These baths are frequented by the young and old alike and they are a great place for families, dates or singular exercise.  Hungarians are very fit and active people.  I was amazed by the fitness level of many older Hungarian women/men who in some cases swam tirelessly for hours.

This is a current pool - AJ loved this thing - again the water is minerlized and very warm.  You can see that this building is very accessible (this building is about 100 years old) - the chair you see in the 3rd picture is for the disabled.  Hungary is benchmark for its accessibility and the social inclusion of people with disablities.  We have had no problem here getting AJ around.  The people here are extremely accomodating and empathetic.  Hungarians are a respectful and dignified people.  They are not terribly warm but they are extremely polite and very formal.  They are not won over easily but they will vacate their seats or move quickly to help when they see you on the tram, subway or struggling on the street.

This is Princess Margit Island - located in the middle of the Danube - it was largely unihabited until the 19th Century - the first two pictures are a water/light show to classical music  - it was truly spectacular - the picture with AJ and I was the bridge back from the island, with the Suspension Chain Bridge in the background.  

 July 22-25, 2014

First day of Peto Institute Summer Camp - this is the courtyard - this is a Soviet era building - but it's the original place where Andreas Peto developed Conductive Education in 1957.


Hungarian beer is really good - especially Barsodi - we stopped for a pint after our first day of camp.

Facade of the Peto Institute - this place is packed with wonderful people    MJ is being taught to massage Sage cream into AJ's muscles before class -

who genuinely care about our children.  This place is about a 7 minute       this increases flexbility.  There are 5 kids in his group they are all lined up in  a row

walk from where we are staying                                                                             beside him - most of them are teenagers.

Third day - plenty of sleep and he is ready                   Equipment for walking program inside the Peto 

to rock!                                                                                 Institute


 Side stepping with conductor - wonderful people       AJ leaving on Friday afternoon


 Menu for 21 Magyar Vendeglo - great restaurant in            Goulash soup.......unreal! - the wine is similar

Castle district - highly recommended by lonely                      to a Sauvignon Blanc



   Great view of the street - oldest part of Budapest some of the buildings are 900 years old                       This is Fisherman's Bastion - great view of the whole city


 Great shot of our boy!


July 26, 2014

July 27, 2014     AJ on the Tram                                        Veal in a Stroganoff style with dumplings                  Bugoc style pork medallion tower with homemade

                                                                                                                                                                                            potato pancake with hot peppers and pickles - unreal!

July 28, 2014 Rainy day reading on our porch      


  We visited the labrynth under Buda Castle -    Dracula was imprisoned here for 10 years

To watch a video of Alexander standing independently, visit               A little Jeidi Knight training - this kid kicked my ass.



AJ on stretch apparatus after program                          This is our pool - the weather changes quickly here from torrential rain to sunshine - AJ and I got caught

July 29, 2014  Ferris Wheel located in the heart of Pest - great views of the city

 AJ loved this thing............Daddy not so much.

July 30, 2014  MJ was also scared 

 Liberty bridge from the Buda side - this bridge is old               Daddy doing the pole trick - AJ loved it - the locals........not so much

 AJ wants a turn                                                                                                                                                                 Really cool outdoor eatery in Pest

 This is outside Buddha Bar - we ate here - they serve sushi and it is really great - the decor in this place was outstanding - Check out the 20' Buddha

 Great shots of the Royal Palace on the Buda side - the weather is always unsettled - makes for a nice picture though


 Shot of the Danube                                                                                             Mathias Church - one the most impressive Churches in Europe

 These are all shots of Mathias Church - This is situated above the city - it is really clean, easy to get around and chock full of restaurants



 Behind MJ are the Hungarian Parliament Buildings this is a really stunning building to behold


 Historic chain bridge - construction started one year after the Brooklyn Bridge - MJ and I have walked over this bridge a lot


 Pike/perch from Lake Balaton - Hungarians aren't big fish eaters but this was quite good            This was a walnut paste pancake covered in bitter chocolate

 MJ on the Szechenyi Bridge                                                                                                      AJ with one of the assistant conductors - this gal loves my kid

 Buda is really hilly MJ pushing AJ up our street                                                                    This is AJ walking with one cane on our side porch

 our back yard - with pool - it is very private                                                                            AJ in the Cabana

 There are a set of rings in the Cabana so we like to horse around - we swim play chess and do chin ups......why wouldn't we?

 Outside Castle Hill  - great views of this city                                                                             Parliament buildings

 Cool monument outside the palace                                                                                       Archery set up beside the Palace

 MJ was really good at this                                                                                                        Entrance to the Labrynth - where Dracula was held and WWII bomb shelter

 This is a memorial to the Jews who were murdered by the Nazis - these are bronze shoes - Jews were shot in this very spot and fell into the Danube - this is to

honour the victims of the Holocaust.

 We are surrounded by Plum trees - we pick them and eat them why wouldn't we?            Waterfall by the Citadel - this is right off the street

 Look out we walked up a mountain and got a great view of the city - you can see we are quite high above the city - spectacular view




 AJ kissing his Aunty Julie over skype


 We went to our new friend Laszlo's house - he is a friend of our friend Robert Annau - his wife made sour cherry

and apple strudel from scratch and we ate goose legs and duck breast with pickles and beets - it was awesome!

 Me and Laszlo - we are drinking his father in law's home made Palinka                              AJ knocked a tooth out he fell

made with plums - it taste like grappa only better

 This is the Church in the cave - dedicated to Saint Estevan pictured right - the communists shut this Church down but they worshipped here

in secret - this Church stays 20 degrees all year round

 Gellert Hotel - we went swimming here this is a really famous Hotel                  on our way to Lake Balaton

 This is the town of Balatonfured - located on Lake Balaton - largest lake in continental Europe       The desserts in this country are sensational

                                                                                                                                                                                 this is a cottage cheese cake - outstanding!

 Boulevard at Balaton on our way to beach                                                      AJ tipping these fantastic musicians - the lady on the violin was great

 Lake Balaton - also known as the Hungarian Sea - they forbid any motorized vehicles - Hungary gets a good deal of its fish from this lake

 I have never seen such a swath of humanity in my life - people everywhere                                       Smooch for the old man

 winning dice roll                                                       swimming in lake Balaton - the water was about 25 degrees

                                    The Prince of Siam                                                                                  Train ride home from Balaton

 This train took 2 hours and 45 minutes to get back to Budapest - long day and the goofiness set in

 AJ at institute after class                                      We are seeing good improvement on the canes

 There are giant snails here and they are all over the sidewalks - they

don't eat snails here - they leave that for the French.



 Gellert Hotel - very famous nice facade - the rich and famous used             Boat ride on the Danube - this is actually part of the city public

to frequent this in the 19th Century                                                                          transit

these are shots from the back of the boat  - we sailed down the Danube well past our stop

 the three of us on the boat                                                                                  great shot of the parliament buildings from the river

 shot of AJ                                                                                                               Shot of mommy and AJ sitting on floor



 Another boat back downtown                                                                                         Look at this crazy!

 us dancing outside the Buddha Bar - they play great music at night - this place rocks  and it is located in the heart of Pest - it is close to our

bus stop back to Buda

 Dancing fools

 AJ making new friends                                                            very famous coffee house on the Pest side must go!           Heros square on motorized scooters

 Shot of Buda from the bus at night                                                                            St. Basilica - this Church took about 60 years to build

Other Peto families enjoying Palinka - big Arsenal fans                                   Pints with other fathers on a rickety old boat bar on the Danube  

 Shot of Danube from bicycle                                                                                    we rode to old Village of Szentiendre - very cool - right on the Danube

 look at this masterpiece - the owner lives on this boat - the beer was ice cold












Here is a video of Alexander Learning Isolated Movements

This video shows Alexander Learning To Fall



























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