By: Mary Jo Vradis

8.5 years #kidneystrong

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As one of six members in my family who has needed a lifesaving organ, I am acutely aware of the incredible gift I received. More specifically, I am grateful for the time I've been given. Because of the generosity of my donor, I am now able to actively participate in my son's life as he grows into a young man and I have the ability to live a life that nine years ago would have seemed impossible. There aren't words to express how grateful I am for the extra time I've been given, however, I won't forget those who weren't as fortunate as me or those who are still waiting.
In memory  of:
My mother who died two years ago after 26 years on dialysis.
My grandmother who passed away at 38 waiting for a kidney.
My uncle who died nine years ago while on dialysis, waiting for a kidney.
His daughter, my cousin Joanna Ceci, who is currently on dialysis waiting for a donor.
Please consider the impact you can have. For more information on how to register or on how to be a possible living donor (liver, kidney, blood, tissue, bone marrow) visit
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