By: Mary Jo Vradis

35 Easy Ways to Go Zero Waste At Home, Courtesy of Sarah Bowen


35 Easy Ways, Zero Waste, Home, Courtesy of Sarah Bowen


I recently received a lovely email from Sarah Bowen. Sarah had come across an earlier post of mine regarding a Zero Waste conference I attended
After reading a shocking National Geographic statistic that 91% of the plastic we use isn't being recycled, Sarah wanted to take responsibility and find ways to reduce her carbon footprint, and help others learn how to do the same. 
After a lifestyle adjustment period, Sarah and her home are now well on their way to becoming waste free. 
Reducing waste in our homes and city is something that I feel very passionate about. I work to make a positive difference to the problem of waste by volunteering and donating to Feed It Forward by Chef Jagger Gordon. 
Feed It Forward is a Canadian not-for-profit that aims to feed Canadians who are food insecure and reduce food waste, by diverting unused and unsold food away from landfills to hungry Canadians. 

Sarah Bowen has blogged a massive 3300 word guide on How To Go Zero Waste At Home, containing her 35 top tips and tricks that she learned the hard way. 

I'd love for you to check it out and get your thoughts: , and fast track your journey on reducing waste in your life & home today! 
Thank you for sharing Sarah! Please feel free to get in contact with Sarah directly at